How to Volunteer for this Event

Become a Literary Festival Ambassador

Serve as the student face of the litfest in the following ways:

  • recruit other volunteers
  • spread the word on campus
  • man a table in front of the UC
  • social media: post about the litfest on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • deliver posters and brochures on campus
  • help with poster and brochure mailing – stuff envelopes & mailing tubes, etc.
  • deliver books by litfest authors to local libraries
  • Author Escort:
    • Accompany and/or assist visiting authors with the following, as needed:
    • navigating campus
    • finding places to eat and/or maybe eating with them (we’ll cover the cost of your meal in that case)
    • other miscellaneous stuff that might arise

On-site Errands During the Festival

Plan to be at every reading yourself or arrange to have another volunteer there (I can help with this). In the past we have needed volunteers to:

  • man the table outside the UC Theater
  • assist authors with book-signings
  • find UC staff to help with A/V equipment, thermostat, etc.
  • distribute and collect evaluations
  • fetch needed items

For more information, please email Pam Duncan, the festival director.